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The purpose of the corporation is exclusively for

charitable, religious, educational, scientific, home care,  community action programs as listed below.


a)       Taxation

Assist the neighborhood at tax time, in very low cost, tax assistance with H& R Block software.

Additionally, the admin office will employ staff that will be trained and hence create additional jobs.

b)      Immigration

Assist immigrants in leading them through the application processing.

c)       Insurance

Assist with our insurance people for:

 1) Home insurance

2) Motor vehicle etc

3) Retirement Insurance

d)      Retirement

Direct to our associates with retirement help.

e)       Food Stamps

Assist people, that have hard ship in food stamp, on-line applications.

f)        Social Security

Direct people that cannot get good assistance to our associates for assistance.

g)       Medicare

Assist with associates.

h)      Medicaid

Assist with associates

i)        Mortgage HAMP

Assist in applications & Processing.

j)        Nu-Legal

Help in directing people to our assistance.

k)      Grants

Create grants for people and organizations.

l)        WIC

Assist with applications.

m)    TANFC Cash Benefits

Assist with applications

n)      Driverís License

Assist in solving issues, in possibly, re-obtaining licenses..


Fund Raising Foundation

a)      Educational  grants, to sexually abused children, for University education

b)     Lodgment & funding of  laws, to protect our children from sexual listed offenders and other unscrupulous people.

c)      School, Educational and sports facilities for the children in this zip 32209



a)      Budgeting

Help in budgeting. Teach in this situation.

b)     Financial Education

Educate on many areas such as credit etc.

c)      Credit Repair

Assist in repairing credit by investigating their reports and lodging applications to the various companies to solve their credit.

d)     Business advisory & direction

Direct people to starting their own business.



a)      Multiple language assistance.

We speak many languages to assist people.


Children & Students

a)      Leadership

Get involved in creating groups of children, in training, great leadership and

godly examples of how lives should be lived.

b)     Day care direction

Direct people that need this help, to appropriate organizations.



a)      After construction of our small facilities, we will employ staff for our

         Food Store, Music School, Medical Clinic, Computer,

Repair, rehabilitation & Business administration.

b)     Teachers

Hopefully, in trying to set up a school, we will employ teachers.

c)      Pre & Post School

Children need assistance in pre-school and after school, as parents are working. We will help in their guidance.

d)     Sports facilities etc.

Hopefully, with a grant, we will purchase land to create a neighborhood, facility for Base Ball, Basket Ball, Soccer, Football & Tennis, along the lines of PAL and also allowing PAL to use our facilities.


Home Maintenance & Repair

a)      Minor repair to homes

b)     Education on home repair issues



a)      Medical Universities

Arrange these training locations, to bring some weekly help, to look at our neighborhood people.

b)     Hospital

c)      Arrange these training locations, to bring some weekly help, to look at our neighborhood people.

d)     Flu

Direct people to hospitals, pharmacies o get flu vaccinations.

e)      Nutrition

Train people in basic nutrition.

f)       Nurse

Arrange various nursing staff to do free assistance with our neighborhood.

g)      Respiratory Care & Education

h)     Smoke Cessation

i)       Alcoholic Cessation

j)       Asthma Education



a)      Bookkeeping

b)     Cash Register

c)      Resume Creation

d)     Work Resource direction.

e)      Obtained a foreclosed school, to reopen, for this region, grades K, & 1 to 12



a)      Assistance Programs

Assist in children, that have had issues, to work with schools for assistance. Will direct in Teen court direction and remediation.

b)     Recommendations

c)      Transfers assistance between schools.

d)     After School direction to Post-Schools.

e)      Tutoring direction for children

f)       Teen Court Program.

g)      Sports direction of kids to various organizations like PAL.


a)      Piano / Organ

We will teach Piano & Keyboards.

b)     Guitar

We will teach guitar.

c)      Wind instruments

We will teach trumpet, trombone etc.

d)     Vocal

We will teach vocals.

e)      Dance

We will teach dance.


a)      Work with PAL in creating various sports facilities.

b)     Obtain grants & funding for land and facilities

for Basketball, Baseball, soccer & track and field.



a)      Purchase, obtain funding, and creation of the Godís Children Angels' Christian. Church.

b)     Communicate with all churches, for children assistance programs, for their children.

c)      Sports programs.

Created interchurch programs for various sports.

d)     Coaches

Arrange & train coaches for various sports for their children, sports programs.

e)      Associations

f)    Create an all church association, that communicates on all issues, on a daily basis for various alerts like, sex abused people & their locations, and so much more.



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