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Citizen Rules
Green Card
H-1B Registration Process Fee
I-90 Replace Renew Green Resident Card
I-129 H-2A Named Befeficeries (Small Employer & Non Profit)
I-129 H-2B
I-129 Petition Non-Immigrant Workers (Small Employers & Non-Profit)
I-130 Petition Alien Relative
I-140 Petition Alien Worker
I-192 App Advanced Permission to Enter as Non-Immigrant
I-360 Petition Amerasian Widower or Special Immigrant
N-400 Naturalization App
I-485 App Register Permenant Resident or Adjust Status (Biometric) Under 14 age
I-539 App Extend / Change Non-Immigrant Status
I-589  Asylum
I-600  Orphan as Immediate  Relative as US Citizen
I-601 Waiver of Grounds Inadmissibility
I-765 Pettion to Remove Conditionson Residence
I-800 Pett Clasify Adoptee Immediate Relative
I-800A App Determin of Sutibility to Adopt Child from a Convention Country
I-912 Fee Waiver


Our Mission

Immigration Asylum a division of "Nu-Legal Admin Inc" & "Godís Children Angelsí Inc."

was created as a foundation, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, "Godís Children Angelsí Inc." engage in,

assisting & supporting IMMIGRATION ASYLUM people across  United States

and immigrants of all nationalities at our offices in Florida & Massachusetts.

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Providing applicants with full resources, in immigration for the asylum seekers

or any immigration cases.

Full assistance in Taxation, Paralegal documentation preparation, and

Lawyers referrals.

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Multiple Language

Immediate access is available by calling 352-235-6510  or 904-566-6700

A person will immediately take your details and process your request

for asylum immigration and or immigration.

(Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French, Polish are available by calling immediately)

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Immigration services encompass a wide range of assistance and support for individuals seeking to move to a new country. These services can be provided by government agencies, private firms, non-profit organizations, and legal professionals. \

Here are the primary types of immigration services:

1.   Visa and Work Permit Services
- Tourist Visas                    : Assistance with short-term stay visas for travel and tourism.
- Student Visas                      : Guidance and processing for students looking to study abroad.
- Work Visas                          : Support for obtaining employment-based visas.
- Temporary Work Permits     : Help with acquiring permits for temporary work assignments.

2. Permanent Residency and Green Cards
- Family-Based Immigration    : Services for individuals sponsoring family members for permanent residency.
- Employment-Based Immigration  : Assistance for workers and professionals obtaining residency through employment.
- Investor Visas                               : Guidance for individuals seeking residency through significant financial investment in a country.

3. Citizenship and Naturalization Services
- Naturalization Applications             : Assistance with the process of becoming a naturalized citizen.
- Citizenship Tests and Interviews     : Preparation for the exams and interviews required for citizenship.

4. Asylum and Refugee Services
- Asylum Applications                           : Help for individuals seeking protection from persecution in their home country.
- Refugee Resettlement                         : Support for refugees being resettled in a new country, including housing, employment, and integration services.

5. Legal Services
- Immigration Lawyers                          : Legal representation and advice for various immigration matters.
- Appeals and Deportation Defense           : Legal assistance for individuals facing deportation or needing to appeal immigration decisions.

6. Consular Services
- Consular Assistance                                  : Help with services provided by consulates, such as passport renewals and notaries services.
- Travel Document Processing                       : Assistance with obtaining necessary travel documents.

7. Employer Compliance and Corporate Services
- Corporate Immigration Compliance                 : Ensuring companies comply with immigration laws and regulations.
- Employee Sponsorship Programs                    : Managing the process for employers sponsoring employees for visas and residency.

8. Language and Integration Services
- Language Classes:                                               Providing language instruction to help immigrants integrate into their new country.
- Cultural Orientation                                           : Programs to help newcomers understand and adapt to the cultural norms of their new environment.

9. Support Services for Immigrants
- Housing Assistance                                                   : Help in finding and securing housing.
- Employment Services                                              : Job placement and career counseling.
- Educational Support                                            : Access to education for children and adults.
- Health Services                                                : Access to healthcare and health insurance.

10. Documentation and Record Keeping
- Document Preparation                                        : Assistance with preparing and submitting necessary documents for immigration processes.
- Record Keeping                                                 : Maintaining records of immigration status, applications, and legal documents.

Each of these services plays a crucial role in helping immigrants navigate the complex processes involved in moving to and integrating into a new country.



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